Supporting Us

Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy

From the early days of our charity, Bourne Abbey the school, its pupils and the staff have been there for us and our friends, the children of Nyansakia. With collections of educational supplies, clothes and shoes, and letter exchanges with the pupils. Its fund raising with Africa Days, Bingo and sponsored events, the staff encouraged other schools to help in many ways.

This short video clip captures the appreciation by the people of Nyansakia as they perform a thank you dance for Bourne Abbey school

Many other schools in the Bourne area have also come on board to support us.

We make your donations work hard…

A funded support teacher helping the community by giving guidance on hand sanitizing and providing face coverings
Clothes provided by Bourne Abbey School for Special Needs
Special Needs children receiving clothes
People queuing to practise hand washing hygiene
The cook house and kitchen
Jikos, large cooking pots for the childrens food
New water tank
Pencils taken out to Kenya for the children
A funded support teaching even used some of his wage to buy flour to distribute
Special Needs children with Class Teacher
Football kit donated by Norwich City FC
People with bags of flour
Helping with education
Orphans getting their uniform
Sleeping conditions before beds were available
Beds built by local craftsman
First land plot for growing new crops
Bourne Abbey Banner taken to Kenya
Pupil awards
The feeding programme in action
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